So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.” – Mark 11:22

“Ms. Davis has made such a huge impact on my spiritual life.”

I met Ms. Davis through a mutual friend named Bahiya. Bahiya would always talk about Ms. Davis who is also her Godmother. She would say ‘my Godmother Ms. Davis said this… My Godmother Ms. Davis said that.. My Godmother Ms. Davis gave me this.. My Godmother Ms. Davis showed me that..’ And I used to sit back and wonder to myself ‘who is this lady Ms. Davis?!’. Until one day I had the pleasure of meeting her on a Friday night at Beth Israel Church in Wayne, NJ. I walked in and saw this beautiful, petite little woman holding our seats in the front row. She saw me and welcomed me with open arms. It was as if she knew me for years. Right then, I fell in love with Ms. Davis. And after seeing her passion and love for God, that really drew me closer to her. Not too long after that, Ms. Davis took me in as one of her Godchildren. At that moment, I felt so fortunate.  Now, at this point I know the devil was angry because he knows Ms. Davis’ mission with me: she would tell me to pray, take Holy Communion and listen to his voice. And I would hear Him. And, for the first time, recognize His voice. She’s mentored the younger generation.

Ms. Davis has made such a huge impact on my spiritual life. Times where I was so confused and didn’t know what God wanted me to do. So many things – such as this one time when the Lord told me to minister to a Muslim woman and I had to go to her house and tell her about Jesus, in her living room while her family was there. If it wasn’t for Ms. Davis allowing God to use her to get me through that, I don’t know what the outcome would  have been. She also educated me on scriptures that I would read in the bible that I wasn’t too sure of. She would break it down raw and give me the meaning of  it and not the meaning of her own interpretation. She would always make sure you’re out to seek God for yourself. She would always make sure that whatever you do – check with God first. She showed me how important God’s timing is. When God tells you to do something at this time, it’s imperative that you do it at that exact time, that day at that exact location. I could go on and on about Ms. Davis and how great of a woman she is. I know God got big plans for her and I feel blessed to be a witness of it.

-LaQuan Crosby (New Jersey) 

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