So Jesus answered and said to them, “Have faith in God.” – Mark 11:22

“I no longer had the disease.”

When I met Ms. Davis in Delaney Hall, I was teetering on the fence with which way to go.  Ms. Davis told me that if I came to Wednesday night Christian Service, she would guarantee that I would not teeter anymore.  At that service, I accepted Jesus Christ into my life.  Ms. Davis guided me to Him.  She kept me on the right path and away from the path of destruction.  My life has forever changed for the better.  She showed me how God works thru people and I’m grateful that God sent her into my life.  She helped me to open my eyes & heart to him on a daily basis.  In 1995, I was diagnosed as HIV +.  Thru Jesus working in my life, in 2009 the doctors said that I no longer had the disease.  They said that I was misdiagnosed, but I know that it was thru God’s grace and mercy that I was healed.  I believe that God sent Ms. Davis in my life to seek Him out and I’m forever grateful for her coming to the Correctional Facility.  Ms. Davis helped me to realize that God does exist and that nothing’s possible without Him.  She taught me the importance of being obedient to Him.  I believe that Ms. Davis was God’s messenger to me.  In one of her speeches, she said something that still sticks with me to this day – “Sometimes the enemy is the inner me.”  I pray the Faith Confessions, which she would go over with us, all of the time. What also touched me was hearing a guy in the Christian Service at the Correctional Facility testify about how he was facing 40 yrs. in prison & Jesus had the charges dropped.  For each of the 7 charges, the judge said ‘case dismissed.’  I too was granted grace, when I went to court.”

Andrew Caporella (New Jersey)

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